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Bamboo Relaxed Vee Tee
Bamboo Relaxed Vee TeeBamboo Relaxed Vee TeeBamboo Relaxed Vee Tee

Bamboo Relaxed Vee Tee

This is not only a wardrobe staple, but it is the best little t-shirt you'll ever own!

This is such a clever little top, it has an amazingly flattering shape, and oh so feminine and chic. It has a relaxed look, making it extremely comfortable around the bust and under the arm area. The simple, yet relaxed vee neck, and short sleeves leave you comfortable, with no chafing! The top then tapers to the hip leaving a beautiful slimming silhouette.

As with all of our Bamboo garments, they hold natural beneficial properties, these are: Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic, Anti-Moisture, UV resistant, thermally controlled (keeping you warm when cold and cool when warm), and so much more!

Suitable for all body shapes due to the flattering cut and shape of this little t-shirt, it can be worn with jeans for a more casual look, or as an under-suiter, what more could you possibly want or need in a top!


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Model:  MB100044d
Brand:  No Balls
Style:  Yoga Top
Bamboo Jersey:  95% Bamboo Fabric

Such a beautiful and clever little top, one of the wardrobe staples along with your LBD! Every girls must have!


About The Fit:

Cleverly cut  and designed, this t-shirt is flattering and has a slimming look, using wonderful bamboo material, this top is so so comfortable. The relaxed vee neck and short sleeves ensures comfort especially around the bust and under arm area. with beautiful flowing lines, the top then tapers over the hip area, finishing a the mid to lower hip area.

This is the best top you will ever wear, comfort, beautifully cut and a flattering look, can be worn with all body types. Wear with your jeans for a more casual look, but can also be worn as an under-suiter. 

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