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Bamboo Strappy Bra

Bamboo Strappy Bra

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Model:  MB100078g
Brand:  No Balls
Style:  Yoga / Fitness Underwear
Bamboo Seamless:  85% Bamboo and 15% Elastane
Ladies Seamless Underwear:  No Itchy Seams
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Attractive looking, supportive and feminine bra, supportive for fitness/sports, whilst being gentle enough that you are not going to have any chafing!

About The Fit:

Feminine, flattering and designed and created for ultimate comfort, supportive, yet oh so soft, the cut of the bra is as a crop top style, with spaghetti straps leading to a supportive back panel. Seamless technology ensures that there is no seams, and no nasty clasps that can cause irritation! Flattering for all body shapes, it is a real must have!


Gorgeous, flattering and supportive bamboo strappy bra with gather. Our seamless construction in sumptuously soft, natural Bamboo ensures that there are no seams, and the bra has been specifically designed not to chafe, ideal for ladies with sensitive skin.

As with all of our Bamboo garments, they hold natural beneficial properties, these are: Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic, Anti-Moisture, UV resistant, Thermally Controlled (keeping you warm when cold and cool when warm), allows your body to breathe, and so much more!

You need this bra! It is one of the most comfortable bras, and at the same time it is supportive enough for sports and fitness!

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