Care Of Garments



Our products have gone through the most ecological processes to create your beautiful garments, it would be a shame to then cause the finished garments to be laundered in an un-ecological way.




For everyday washing, use a cool water setting, 30 degrees is ideal, place the garments on a gentle wash cycle.

If garments are heavily soiled, firstly, soak the garments in a non-chlorine pre-soak product, such as Biotex, (although there are other brands available), please ensure that the pre-soak product selected is a ‘bleach free’ product. Once excess dirt/soiling has been removed, wash as above.

For best results, please do not add laundry softener into the wash, this enables the garments to perform at their best, especially our performance/sports clothing.


Please Note:  Ensure that the detergent chosen is suitable for the clothing ie. Colour detergent for coloured garments.




Air dry on a washing line for the best results, if you need to dry on a radiator or tumble drier, please ensure that the temperature is on the lower heat setting otherwise shrinkage may occur.




Although bamboo clothing can be ironed, please ensue that you use a low iron setting as high temperatures may scorch the clothing and cause yellowing of the garments where the yarn has burned.



Should you have any questions relating to the care of your garments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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