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My Bamboo aims to change the way people think of

Eco-Clothing and Bamboo Products

As an elite athlete and GB Alpine Ski Racer I pride myself on doing the right things in life - eating the right foods, exercising correctly and helping create a sustainable planet so we can continue to enjoy the things we have around us. This is why I am leading the way with MyBamboo.co.uk ....feeling really is believing.

The world is becoming aware of global impacts when producing consumer products, Bamboo is leading the way as a sustainable and abundant crop, which is capable of producing raw material at a fraction of the environmental impact compared to either cotton, wood, or man-made fabrics which are produced using very damaging petrochemicals. Bamboo absorbs 5 times the greenhouse gasses and produces over 30% more oxygen than trees, on an acre by acre comparative. Bamboo is also ready to cut in 3-5 years, unlike up to 70 years for trees. 

Bamboo also produces 10 times the yield, when compared acre by acre with cotton. Cotton also requires immense amounts of water and pesticides to produce a crop. So as you can see, Bamboo really is the way forward, with My Bamboo leading the way!

Our bamboo garments are produced in the most ecologically friendly way, from sustainable and organic crops, right the way through to the way it is processed into the finished product. We also monitor and ensure that all raw materials are produced in an ethical manner, causing all involved in the process to be treated fairly and not abused for economic gain.

We feel bamboo is the only choice as a raw material for many consumables in today’s market. We offer a number of different clothing lines, all made of Bamboo, and all sourced from ethical suppliers, whether it's fashion, fitness, outdoor leisure wear or baby clothing.

We look forward to welcoming you to the My Bamboo family. 

My Bamboo is good for you and good for the environment!


Thanks Jess Anderson

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