Why Bamboo


Bamboo is great for you, great for the Environment!


Fabric made from bamboo cloth is as soft as cashmere; it is also extremely comfortable and, due to bamboo’s most impressive naturally occurring properties, makes wearing this clothing unlike no other.


Once you experience My Bamboo clothing, We think you will never want to wear anything else


  • Anti-static - Bamboo’s anti-static properties mean that it settles beautifully and comfortably on your skin without clinging.


  • Hypoallergenic – Bamboo’s naturally producing hypoallergenic and anti-fungal properties are the ideal and sometimes only solution for people with sensitive/delicate skin.


  • Moisture Wicking – Bamboo clothing has the unique ability to sweep sweat away from the skin and the garment, then evaporating it through the garments surface, keeping you dry and confident.


  • Anti-Bacterial – Bacteria cannot survive well on fabric made of bamboo, therefore it reduces any chance of odors occurring, even after many days wear.


  • UV Protective – Bamboo clothing can cut out up to 98% of harmful UV rays. The result of this is that when in hotter climates, bamboo garments can be worn by all of the family to protect from burning, premature aging and many other destructive properties associated with over exposure to the sun.


  • Thermo-Control – Bamboo is a highly breathable fabric, the fibers actually expand and contract, keeping you cool when it’s warm and warm when it is cold!


So, you can see, bamboo clothing is perfect for a wide range of environments including fashion, outdoor pursuits, fitness, holidays, leisure wear and lots more.  Especially good for babies and little ones.


Environmental Benefits


Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant species; there are so many different properties that make bamboo ideal to utilize in so many ways.


Bamboo thrives in many environments, is totally sustainable and is completely biodegradable. Bamboo grows prolifically across Asia, whether the areas have very little natural water source, or even if land is particularly hilly and other crops are not viable for production, bamboo seems to thrive.


Bamboo is naturally repellent, therefore, completely eliminating the requirement for pesticides, herbicides or even fertilizer. Contrary to popular belief, Bamboo is a grass, and not a tree, this grass spreads rapidly across areas that it is grown in, if an acre of bamboo is grown compared to an acre of cotton, you will use a fraction of the water to produce the bamboo and it will still result in 10 times more yield of bamboo.


When harvested, bamboo is cut as opposed to being uprooted, which is great news because it does not cause any soil deterioration, and as the giant bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, it really is the most ecological product around, perfect for the environment in so many ways.   


So What About a Pandas Food Source?


No need to worry, bamboo used for bamboo fabric production are entirley different to that of a  Panda's diet. There are over 1500 different types of Bamboo plant - Bamboo textile manufacturing companies use upto 15 different types of bamboo species - A Giant Panada's diet consists of around 42 different types of bamboo. If you would like to learn more about Giant Panda's and their diet please visit: http://www.pandasinternational.org/newsletter/11-bamboo-facts.html


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